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How Small Businesses Can Increase Brand Awareness

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Monthly Marketing Tip - How Small Businesses Can Increase Brand Awareness


You have branding in place for your business, whether you have intentionally planned to or not. Your branding is how customers and prospects perceive you and how well they recognize or recall your business. If you want to boost your brand awareness as a small business, careful attention to the marketing images and messages you are using, along with some budget friendly techniques, can help.


Provide Consistent and Exceptional Service


Aiming for outstanding reviews and customer impressions will help your brand awareness too. According to the most recent research, about 80% of Americans ask friends or family for a recommendation when searching for a product or service. Happy customers like to share businesses that have performed well for them. When you go the extra mile, your happy customers will help boost your brand image and the awareness of others, too.


Be Consistent


The more consistent your messaging is across channels, the easier it will be for your customer to recognize and be aware of your brand. That means your Facebook page needs to match your Twitter page – which needs to match your website and even your store sign. By consistently sharing your messages, you make it easy for prospects to identify your brand.


Have an Online Presence


Your blog, site, and social media pages will help customers find you and ensure they are aware of what you have to offer. Even if you have a strong brick and mortar presence, using free social media pages and an updated website can help you reinforce your branding without paying a lot for advertising. Ideally, your materials need to be optimized for mobile devices so that your prospects can easily identify your brand online.


Participate in Events


If you are a local business, make a point of interacting with the community; whether you sponsor a float in the annual Thanksgiving parade, speak to a business group or contribute to a local charity, local prospects will be more aware of your brand if you interact and participate.


Inspire Loyalty


From instituting a true loyalty program to providing behind the scenes tours or videos, reward those who show an interest in your brand with something special. These extra materials won’t cost a lot, but will help solidify your brand image and boost awareness with your target market.


You don’t have to have a large budget to ensure that your prospects are aware of your brand. Committing to an online presence, maintaining a consistent image and voice and making a point of interacting with customers can go a long way towards ensuring your business becomes a well-known name.