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Local Incentives

Local incentives are determined on a case-by-case basis by the Cedar Hill EDC Board of Directors and must have final approval by the City Council. Upon submission of requested information, a cost benefit analysis is prepared for eligible projects to determine the potential direct and indirect economic benefit. For more detailed information please review our incentives policy or contact us.

Type A and Type B Sales Tax Funds

Type A and Type B sales tax funds can be used to attract new industrial development, assist with expansions, or provide related infrastructure. (A development assistance package could be used by the company to meet location and development costs in Cedar Hill.) An application and further explanation of this program are provided to potential applicants, and projects are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Triple Freeport Tax Exemption

Texas communities tax business inventory at the same rate as land, buildings and equipment. However, some Texas communities, like Cedar Hill, offer Triple Freeport Exemption from all local taxing authorities, city, county and school district. Cedar Hill grants the Triple Freeport Exemption from the City of Cedar Hill, Dallas County and the Cedar Hill Independent School District. The exemption applies to inventory that is shipped out of Texas within 175 days, and it provides a substantial savings for interstate shippers that turn inventory several times a year.

Tax Abatements

The City of Cedar Hill considers tax abatements to eligible developments, based upon the new tax base value the project will add to Cedar Hill and based upon the number and type of jobs the project will save or create. An application and further explanation of the program guidelines are provided to potential applicants.

Tax Exempt Financing

Cedar Hill has established the Cedar Hill Industrial Development Corporation to provide the conduit for issuing tax-exempt industrial revenue bonds for manufacturing company developments that meet state and federal guidelines. Potential projects are considered by the city's bond counsel.

Job Training

Cedar Hill offers all of the training programs available to companies through the state of Texas. These training programs include those offered through the Texas Workforce Commission and Skills Development Fund. The Dallas County Community College System, including the Cedar Valley College at Cedar Hill, and Northwood University in Cedar Hill are prepared to assist companies to develop specific skills.

Corporate Relocation Assistance

The Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation assists companies not only in matters related to business (related or support services and products) but also personal and family services including school, house availability, local banks, churches or synagogues, shopping, clubs and organizations, medical services, arts and culture, etc. This is a service, and not a monetary incentive.