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5 Cedar Hill Businesses that are Benefiting from Dallas’ Economic Success

Date Published
Sep 25, 2019
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It’s no secret – Dallas and the cities in Dallas County are thriving economically. The business boom is so big that the DFW area has grown by over a million people in the last decade alone.

This year, Forbes named Dallas one of the top cities in the nation for business, and the area landed in the top 10 of over 57 metropolitan areas. In fact, the DFW area is often referred to as a “Boom Town", and cities like Cedar Hill, TX, are attracting companies of all sizes in record numbers.

Meet Five Cedar Hill Shopping District Brands that are Thriving

Careful planning and business-friendly initiatives have made Cedar Hill attractive to businesses of all sizes – but these local businesses are benefitting from the Dallas business boom in more ways than one.

1. Winner’s BBQ

Serving up hearty and delicious Texas-style BBQ, De’Andre Jackson opened the Cedar Hill, TX, location of Winner’s BBQ in 2017. The former NFL hopeful saw the demand for opening south of Dallas and decided to bring his award-winning recipes and atmosphere to this second location.

“When they walked through those doors – whatever they have going on in life, whatever circumstance they're facing – I want it to feel like they can walk into the restaurant and be inspired and motivated to get back out there,” said Jackson in an interview with the Dallas Morning News.

Winner’s BBQ offers some of the best comfort food and BBQ in DFW – and attracts the crowds to prove it. They are open Friday-Sun from noon-6 p.m., or until they run out!

2. idX Dallas

In 2015, this St. Louis-based company announced expansion plans on a new facility in Cedar Hill. “idX Dallas provides solid manufacturing and distribution solutions that support our customer’s strategic business needs,” General Manager Robert McDonald said. “As Texas has some of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., Dallas is an ideal location for idX.”

Since opening their doors, idX Dallas has been able to double the jobs available in their facility that offers wood manufacturing, panel processing, metal prototyping, assembly, finishing, post-lamination, warehousing, and distribution to customers in the Texas region.

3. Sampco

With any business and population boom comes an influx of builders, contractors, and designers who aim to serve the growing area. Sampco services those industries by creating and providing physical samples for customers to present to their buyers. With a strategic location in Cedar Hill, TX, Sampco of Texas can service a growing number of customers in states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Kansas, and more.

4. Centralized Production

This growing brand offers full, turnkey manufacturing solutions. As an increasing number of businesses move to the DFW area, Centralized Production offers themselves as a resource to take care of any warehousing, sourcing, or assembly needs. Because of its location in Cedar Hill, Centralized Production is also able to offer direct shipping opportunities to their customers. With easy access to DFW Airport, major highways, and railways, Centralized Production can store and ship product directly to customers.

5. Center-Line Group

As another high-growth business that discovered the benefits of working close to a booming area, Center-Line Group specializes in serving the trucking and logistics industry with curtains for trailers and big rigs. Running out of facilities complete with the latest fabrication capabilities, Center-Line Group has built a reputation of providing long-lasting side curtains, trailers, and replacement parts directly to its customers.

Texas has seen an influx of freight moving through the state, with 2.2 billion tons moved in 2016, and is expected to see more in the coming years. With easy access to multiple major highways running through DFW, Center-Line Group has been able to capture the growing trucking business in the region.

Thanks to the area’s abundant space and prime location, Cedar Hill is home to a growing number of businesses looking for manufacturing, office, and warehousing solutions. By partnering with dynamic city planning, green initiatives, innovative planning concepts, and accessing the talented local workforce, business grows naturally in Cedar Hill, TX.

If you would like to learn more about these growing trends and explore opportunities for your business, call 972.291.5132 to reach a member of the economic development team. You can also find Cedar Hill property listings available online now. Check them out today at