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Cedar Hill's Business Climate

The City of Cedar Hill was dependent upon agriculture during its early years and transformed into a suburban bedroom community during the construction of Joe Pool Lake in the late 1980s. The change in business climate came about due to employment opportunities in the area as well as the proximity to Dallas, Fort Worth and the DFW Airport.

Business development in the form of light manufacturing, commercial and retail enterprises has substantially increased since 1998 as we continue promoting economic development opportunities to future partners in the progress. Startups, expanding businesses and established brands find that the business climate in Cedar Hill is perfect for opening or relocating their retail business or office space – this thriving area is also home to some amazing industrial spaces in Dallas.

Thanks to the area’s natural beauty, Cedar Hill is well known for its recreation and culture, but the proximity to DFW Airport, railways and other shipping and business locations make it an ideal match for manufacturing, fulfillment and processing centers. The City of Cedar Hill currently has four industrial parks and several large industrial-zoned tracts of land capable of accommodating future development in this sector.

The Cedar Hill Business Park is located on the BNSF rail line, with easy access to State Highway 67, and features a range of successful businesses already in place. Brands from a variety of industries have chosen the Cedar Hill Business Park for their manufacturing, office and warehousing needs.

When it comes to retail businesses, long-range development plans for the City Center offer plenty of opportunities for future growth. One project leading the way is a large-scale adaptive reuse project in Cedar Hill's Historic Downtown.

Cedar Hill offers local economic incentives to companies choosing to launch in or relocate to Cedar Hill, and they are awarded on a case-by-case basis. Businesses can also benefit from a variety of statewide economic incentives designed to boost the bustling Texas economy.


Cedar Hill, Texas, is the shopping and restaurant destination for Southern Dallas County. Since 1999, Cedar Hill's retail sector has added close to 4 million square feet of office and retail space. Cedar Hill features some of the best business opportunities in Texas.

The Cedar Hill Planning Department spearheaded a long-range development plan called The City Center Development Plan. The plan is dedicated to transforming Cedar Hill’s City Center into a walkable, mixed-use destination that will have a sense of place. The City Center Plan consists of three sub-districts referred to as Uptown, Midtown and Historic Downtown.

The scope of the project is incredibly huge as it encompasses the Government Center and 800 acres of land from Hillside Village to the Historic Downtown area. The City Council adopted the plan in October 2014, and the implementation of this plan is fully underway with Jim and Amanda Lake of Lake Moreno Partners bringing their adaptive reuse expertise to the Historic Downtown sub-district.

These improvements are designed to make the city easier to explore, to bring more convenience to shoppers and employers and to build upon an already thriving and unique downtown area. The focus on accessibility and enhanced walkability is also designed to draw patrons from the best suburbs around Dallas and to make Cedar Hill a charming and attractive destination for shopping, dining, work and play.

For businesses in the area – or businesses planning to open in the area – the enhancements to Cedar Hill’s walkability means more opportunity. By creating appealing, easy-to-access and clearly defined walking areas, the town makes it easy for pedestrians to explore. The current emphasis on healthy lifestyles means these changes come at a great time. Reducing traffic also helps cut down on carbon emissions, allowing for a greener place to live, work and play for all, one of the long-term goals of the City of Cedar Hill.

As a part of the City’s Vision for the future, the City Council is making it a priority to define what it means to have distinct character while also creating a successful business climate. With a commitment to its businesses, its people and its place – Cedar Hill is the natural choice for those who want big-city amenities, with a small-town ambience. Transparent government, a friendly business environment and space to grow allow Cedar Hill to stand out and be the preferred choice among the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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