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Cedar Hill Industries & Business Relocation


Industrial Overview of Cedar Hill

Startups, expanding businesses, and major industries in Texas find that Cedar Hill has the ideal business climate to open or relocate their retail business or office space – this thriving area is also home to some amazing industrial spaces in Dallas as well.

The town's proximity to DFW Airport, railways, and other shipping and business locations make it an ideal match for manufacturing, fulfillment, and processing centers. Businesses relocating to Texas should learn more about Cedar Hill’s dynamic and growing manufacturing and industrial center to take advantage of this attractive, centrally located space and have access to all of the things a successful industrial location needs.

More Than Just Natural Beauty

Cedar Hill may make headlines because of its natural beauty, featuring some of the best hiking in DFW, and activities in the great outdoors, but the city is excellent for business relocation as well. Companies headquartered in Dallas find the stunning vistas, charming shopping districts, and friendly atmosphere of Cedar Hill makes it an ideal location for industrial, warehouse, or satellite locations.

The well designed and equipped Cedar Hill Business Park is located on the BNSF rail line, with easy access to U.S. Highway 67, and features a variety of successful businesses already in place. The City of Cedar Hill continues to be a top destination for brands looking for an industrial opportunity in Dallas and the surrounding area. Brands from a variety of industries have chosen Cedar Hill Business Park for their manufacturing, office, and warehousing needs, including:

Dallas Aeronautical Services

A leading provider of services for commercial and corporate airlines, this thriving brand offers repair, aftermarket, and other services for airlines, right here in Cedar Hill.

Delta Steel

Cedar Hill Business Park is home to Delta Steel, one of the biggest professional service centers in the Southern United States. The brand has a rich history spanning five decades and partners with many other organizations, providing materials, steel, and pre-production processing for some of the best-known businesses in the nation.


Cedar Hill Business Park was a natural match for PepWear, a producer and online seller of graphic t-shirts. The brand has been creating and selling colorful and lasting shirts for over two decades. When they realized they were running out of space (their production needs include large screen printing machines and a large production and design space) they turned to the Cedar Hill Business Park. (What to learn more about PepWear's story? Check out this case study on how Cedar Hill became the perfect fit for the company's future.)

Texas Economy and Incentives for Cedar Hill Businesses

Companies considering Cedar Hill may qualify for economic incentives, competitive land prices and other assistance. Cedar Hill has the benefit of Type A sales tax grants set aside for job training, relocation assistance, and infrastructure development. Triple Freeport Tax exemption also available. Real estate commissions are honored and paid.

Businesses choosing Cedar Hill can also benefit from a variety of statewide incentives designed to boost the bustling Texas economy. When you launch or relocate your business to Cedar Hill, you may qualify for one of the state’s robust business incentive plans, including:

Desirable Industrial Space for Lease and Sale

With striking natural beauty and a wide range of businesses, restaurants, retail shopping, and entertainment, Cedar Hill remains one of the best Dallas suburbs for business relocation. The city's industrial areas are located on or near U.S. Highway 67, a four-lane divided highway that merges with IH-35 to the north and south. IH-45 is nearby as well, and easy access to IH-20 provides a major east/west thoroughfare. The business park has direct access to railways and a short drive to Love Field and DFW Airport.

Companies relocating to Dallas find that Cedar Hill has plenty to offer both the organization and employees, making it an ideal choice for new or satellite location. Stop by Cedar Hill today to see what the buzz is about and find the right business opportunity for your operation.

Industrial Development Highlights: 1999 - 2017

2017 Cedar Hill Floors & More 625 Jealouse Way, #113 3,900
2017 Infinite Communications Inc. 1007 S Cedar Hill Rd 5,000
2017 Lone Star Ice Cream DFW 1522 S Hwy 67, #B100 1,000
2017 Nissi Global 601 Jealouse Way  #5 2,400
2017 Hail Raisers 625 Jealouse Way  #113   3,900
2017 Lone Star Packaging Solution    901 KCK Way 16,000
2017 Alternative Distributors Inc. 1522 Hwy 67 South 1,000
2017 Gearhead Garage 923 S Cedar Hill Rd 6,250
2017 Kona Ice SW Dallas County 625 Jealouse Way  #108 1,300
2017 RJT Services LLC 625 Jealouse Way  #109 2,600
2016 G K Steel 1011 S Cedar Hill Rd 1,500
2016 Moffett Construction 1535 American Way 2,400
2016 Woodmont Cabinetry 531 Potter Lane 12,800
2016 PepWear 1540 High Meadows 20,001
2016 Stanley Restoration, LLC 1034 Mt Lebanon 5,000
2016 Stanley Restoration, LLC 1038 Mt Lebanon 4,700
2016 NARSTCO 1501 Edgefield Way 12,975
2015 Garden King 1007 S Cedar Hill 5,000
2015 IDX - Warehouse Project 678 Hall St 86,400
2015 Bobcat of North Texas 616 Jealouse Way 12,000
2014 First Choice Communications 500 Tidwell St 10,000
2013 iDX Dallas 621 Hall St 171,160
2013 L. Martin Family Partnership 1419 High Meadows 12,000
2013 Highway Intelligent Systems 1500 High Meadows 14,744
2013 Dallas Aeronautical Systems 1501 Edgefield Way 51,480
2012 KRK Technologies 1445 High Meadows 5,950
2011 PepWear 1540 High Meadows 31,565
2009 Total Highway Maintenance 930 KCK Way 12,000
2009 Acme Trucking 1420 American Way 4,350
2008 Metals Supply 1548 Edgefield Way 82,937
2005 J.W. Industries 1001 Mt. Lebanon 15,000
2004 Metals USA 1585 Edgefield Way 50,000
2002 JC Penney Distribution Center 1650 S. Hwy 67 420,000
2001 Johnston Products of Dallas 604 Jealouse Way 25,400
2000 Integrated Control Systems 1425 American Way 12,800
2000 Central States Manufacturing  660 Girgsby Way 43,000
2000 Dualite Inc. 1586 High Meadows 100,000
1999 MJB Wood Group, Inc. 1585 High Meadows 165,000


Updated January 2018




JCPenney Store Support Center


Distribution Center


Total Highway Maintenance

  Roadway Safety and Construction  250

MJB Wood Group / Precision Wood

  Manufacturer of Wood Products 175

Woodmont / Western Cabinets Inc.

  Manufacturer of Cabinet Doors 170

DMI Corporation


Mechanical Contractor


idX Corporation

  Retial Fixtures Manufacturer 125

Central States Manufacturing

  Manufacturer of Metal Building Components 108

P&W Quality Machine Inc.


Sheet Metal Fabricating



  Custom Apparel & Promotional Products 70



Manufacturer of Construction Sample Board


Highway Intelligent Traffic Solutions       

  Roadway Safety Technology 60

Johnston Products


Metal Distribution


Dallas Aeronautical Services

  FAA Repair Station 45

Tindall Mechanical

  Mechanical Contractor 40

Forterra Pipe & Precast

  Concrete Product Manufacturer 38

Dualite Inc

  Sign Manufacturing  30


  Steel Railroad Ties and Turnouts Manufacturer 26

Diamond Manufacturing Co

  Manufacturer of Perforated Metal and Plastic 22

Metals USA

  Steel Distribution 21


Updated February 2017