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Business Articles

Bigger Isn't Always Better: Doing Business in A Developing City     When opening a business, it’s easy to assume that choosing a bigger city will present you with more opportunities. This may be true for some aspects . . . read more

How to Choose a Location for Your Business     In real estate, location is everything. For prospective or current homeowners, the home's location has a direct impact on its value. For business owners, location is equally important . . . read more.

The Benefits of Making Your Business a Part of the Community     Cedar Hill is a growing town of 50,000 near Dallas, Texas, where a business can thrive. Starting a business in a small community offers many benefits over trying . . . read more.

How Small Businesses Can Increase Brand Awareness     You have branding in place for your business, whether you have intentionally planned to or not. Your branding is how customers . . . read more.

How to Build a Strong Facebook Presence for Your Business     Despite the fact that Facebook is about to celebrate its 14th birthday (a lifetime in technology years), it is still one of the dominant forces in the lives of many businesses . . . read more.

How to Keep Your Viewer's Attention     Social media in one of the most efficient ways to marker a brand, especially if its features are used to their best advantage. While social media can reach thousands of viewers in . . . read more.

Diemer Marketing Group     How can a company combine the traditional business success with a commitment to the common good? For Deimer Marketing Group, the answer lies in their family unit team culture . . . read more

Ruiz Financial Solutions     The thriving success of Ruiz Financial Solutions is based on two simple words:  People Matter. From their own internal culture to the relationships the team holds within the Cedar Hill Community and the welcoming . . . read more.

Vernon Folks, Edward Jones Advisor     Edward Jones empowers highly qualified investment advisors with the leverage to implement customized financial solutions. The company has built its reputation on its ability to connect  . . . read more.