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Business Retention and Expansion Program

Combined with an active business community, a ready workforce, and a City that seeks growth, businesses naturally thrive in Cedar Hill.  With tremendous growth over the past decade and new entries to the market every quarter, the Cedar Hill EDC concentrates on creating a business climate promoting new growth, expansion, and support for existing businesses in the community.  We are here to assist every step of the way.

Our Business Retention and Expansion Program (BREP) is a community-based program used to open lines of communication and build relationships with the local business community.  The program promotes job growth by helping our community identify concerns and barriers in the survival and growth of local businesses.  It is meant to be a resource for local businesses by offering a point of contact for assistance with workforce training and hiring, permitting for expansions, business issues, and general information about city policies and happenings. 

For more information about BREP, calll 972-291-5132 or email [email protected].



Y O U R   S U C C E S S   I S   O U R   P R I O R I T Y

Workforce Development

Having a skilled and motivated workforce is essential to your growth capacity.  Let us coordinate recruitment efforts and skills training for your new and incumbent employees, through collaboration with CHISD, the local workforce board, training partners, and more.

Expansion Support

The Cedar Hill EDC has Type A sales tax funds, Triple Freeport Tax Exemptions, and other incentives to assist with building expansions, infrastructure, and workforce training.  Let us help determine if your project is eligible for incentives from the EDC!

Cedar Hill Business Forum

Collaborate with industry experts and business support organizations, to offer relevant and innovative seminars, classes, and roundtables to Cedar Hill businesses.

Business Visits

Our team has over 15 years of experience in commerical banking, workforce development, government affairs, and program management.  We visit businesses weekly to understand their needs, connect you to opportunities and solutions, and support your growth in Cedar Hill.

Community Engagement

Leading from the Heart - partnering businesses with local community initiatives and non-profit organizations.

Welcome Receptions - introduce your new business to community leaders, city employees, and industry peers.

Coffee on the Hill - this quarterly event for industrial businesses, encourages networking and industry-specific discussions.


For more information about BREP, calll 972-291-5132 or email [email protected].

Manufacturers' Association of North Texas -

Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center -

People Fund -

Check out Size Up, a FREE service offered to businesses to help you see how your company is performing against the competition -

The most important element in our BREP program is visits to area businesses.  These visits are essential to building a relationship between business leaders and the Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation (EDC), so that as obstacles arise, area businesses know they can turn to the EDC for assistance. 

The EDC has a goal of two to four Cedar Hill business visits per week, with all types of businesses in Cedar Hill. 

For more information about BREP, calll 972-291-5132 or email [email protected].

Best Southwest Small Business Development Center
207 N Cannady Drive
Cedar Hill, TX 75104
Russell Wyrich, Director
(972) 860-7893

Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce
300 W Houston Street
Cedar Hill, TX 75104  
Amanda Skinner, President
(972) 291-7817

Cedar Valley College Continuing Education
3030 North Dallas Avenue
Lancaster, Texas 75134-3705
Bill Wells, Training Consultant
(972) 860-8206

Qualified businesses looking to expand their facility and/or opertations, could utilize the following programs:

  • Business incentives, including Type A Sales Tax Fund, Tax Abatements, and Tax Exempt Financing
  • Strategic growth support is available through the Economic Gardening Program and the Edward Lowe Foundation.  Economic Gardening focuses on growth-oriented, second-stage companies and helps with such strategic issues as developing new markets, refining business models and accessing competitive intelligence.  Qualified businesses must have 10-99 employees, and annual revenues og $1-50 million.
  • Business support services are alos available through the Best Southwest Small Business Development Center, Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce, and the Zula B. Wiley Library.

For more information about BREP, calll 972-291-5132 or email [email protected].