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Cedar Hill Expands Capital Improvement Projects

Date Published
Mar 15, 2017
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The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) consist of projects that involve the construction of infrastructure and major facilities such as streets, water lines, sewer lines, storage tanks, etc.


Current Projects:

Mansfield Road Improvements

This project, Mansfield Road between Belt Line Road and Anderson Drive, is part of approximately 12.2 mile roadway system which connects State Highway 161 (at I-20) to US Highway 67. The project section of this roadway system is the only portion which is not four (4) lanes wide.

The project scope includes the widening of Mansfield Road from two (2) lanes to a 4-lane divided arterial roadway, from approximately 600 feet west of the intersection of Belt Line Road to the western city limit (just west of Anderson Drive). The project includes replacement/upgrading of water mains, sewer mains, and the installation of underground storm drainage improvements.


West FM 1382 Improvements

Construction for this project will be managed by TxDOT.

The project scope includes:

  1. Constructing a left turn lane and median opening for west bound FM 1382 traffic to enter into the Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center.
  2. A traffic signal light will be installed at the entrance of Cedar Hill State Park.
  3. A hike and bike trail will be installed on the south side of FM 1382 connecting the sidewalk at New Clark Road to the entrance road to Cedar Hill State Park.
  4. The highway median is being narrowed on the eastbound side of FM 1382 in the area of Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center and the Newman International Academy at Cedar Hill (NICH), formerly Northwood University.  Through traffic will be shifted towards the median which will effectively create the space for a deceleration/acceleration lane for the Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center and Newman International Academy at Cedar Hill.


Recently Completed Projects:

  • Lake Ridge Parkway Improvements - Phase II (Hike and Bike Trail) – approximately $3.6M cost
  • Pleasant Run Road - Phase IV B (Hike and Bike Trail) – approximately $6.3M cost
  • Valley Ridge Park 8" Water Line Installation
  • Railroad Sewer Line
  • FM1382 Capacity Improvements (Phase I) – partnered with TxDot on roadway widening and pedestrian improvements; widened from 4 lanes to 6 lanes from Straus Rd to New Clark Road