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Cedar Hill Police Department Recognized by TPCA

Date Published
May 21, 2018
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From Focus Daily News by Rita Cook

"Cedar Hill is truly the benchmark," that's what Cedar Hill Police Chief Steve Rhodes says when asked about his department's recent "Recognized Status" for compliance with the Texas Law Enforcement Agency Best Practices Recognition PrTPCA awardogram from the Texas Police Chiefs' Association. 

"After a 20-month process, the Cedar Hill Police Department became the 31st agency to achieve this recognition status - state accreditation - in Texas," says Rhodes. "We are the best."

It's true, actually, since the Cedar Hill Police Department ended up not only being fully compliant, but of all the 161 items that were checked, none were returned. And, of the 31 departments in the state who have achieved Recognized Status, Cedar Hill is the only one to have no returns.

"None returned,' explains Rhodes "means that there were no modifications, corrections or any denial of our submitted or reviewed standard proofs. That is a perfect record that has not ever been achieved by any of the other 30 police agencies that have achieved recognition status."

Photo / Focus Daily News:  Chief Rhodes, at a City Council meeting last week recognized the special efforts of Asst. Chief Armen Tamakian and Lt. Pam Brown and praised the cooperation of all other staff members.

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