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Giving Back: The Benefits of Participating in a Community Fundraiser

People may not remember what promotions a company puts on from week to week, but they will remember the things it does to help raise money for a special cause. Community fundraisers and sponsorships are a great way to put your brand in front of everyone in town on a constant basis. The best part is that it costs much less than what you would normally spend on a full-blown advertising campaign.

Bringing the Community Together for A Cause

When the community gathers together to host an event like a "chili cook-off" or a bike rally for a charitable cause, put a team together and participate. The money the team raises will go to the charity and your company will get public exposure that will help to reinforce the visibility of your brand. When customers realize your company is willing to chip in for the greater good, they will be more likely to return again and again.

Maximum Exposure for Minimum Cost

Participating in a local charity event means putting your company name and logo on all of the advertising and promotional materials. While the company may have to pay an entry fee and donate its earnings, the name and logo will be sent throughout the entire community and identified as a supporter. This not only boosts the company's advertising dollars, it brings customers through the front door. People who may not have heard of your business before will know where it is, what it does and most of all, that it supports the community and takes an active role in bringing everyone together.


Consider sponsoring a community athletic team or event. Most communities have a variety of little leagues or adult athletic leagues that need sponsors for each team. Your company pays for shirts (with the company name and logo on the front or back) and a portion of what it will cost for the team to play in the league. Most leagues require that the team raise a portion of the money the league needs to operate so the cost is divided up to an extent. When your company sponsors a team, its name and logo will be seen whenever the team plays. Most teams present their sponsors with some type of award for helping them during the season which can be displayed in the business.

Showing an interest in your community is the best way to attract business. Supporting local fundraisers, either through financial donations or by offering services is a great way to keep your community strong and thriving. It also shows your customers that the dollars they spend at your business will be returned to the company in a variety of ways. Participate in local fundraisers whenever you can. It indicates a love of community and a willingness to do what's needed to make your city a better place.