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How to Keep Your Viewer’s Attention

Social media is one of the most efficient ways to market a brand, especially if its features are used to their best advantage. While social media can reach thousands of viewers in a short period of time, the trick is keeping those viewers interested long enough to get them to want to learn more.

Interest Is Fleeting

Social media is an ideal platform, but it's also part of a fast-paced world. If the goal is to keep a viewer reading a blog or watching a video, it has to be interesting enough to make them want to stay. When trying to spread the word or attract attention using a social media platform, the message must be strong, straight to the point, and have a hook that draws the viewer in and captivates them.

Eye-catching Visuals

In today's world, people have become very visual. Many will overlook an article or post if it isn't accompanied by a picture or video that grabs their attention and makes them want to learn more. If social media is going to be a part of a company's marketing strategy, an eye-catching visual needs to be included with every post. Viewers will be more likely to "like" and share a post that has a quality visual attached to it.

The Benefits of Quality Content

While the visual draws them in, it won't always keep the viewer's attention. The key is to provide them with the information they need and want. Quality content is essential. It offers a tone of authority while providing the reader what they need to know about a specific topic. If the information is valuable to them, they will be more likely to encourage their friends to like the page they found it on and share the page across their other social media accounts.

The Scope of Social Media

Many companies don't realize the scope of social media until they start following the analytic data. If one person with 500 friends shares a post and two of their friends shares it with their 500 friends, 1500 people have access to your post in just three clicks of a mouse. The fact is, one post can generate ten times the volume of business than an advertisement that is limited to one geographic area. Whether a business is located in small town USA or a large city like Dallas, the scope of a post's reach is limited only by the number of people who stay interested in what it says.

Cedar Hill Economic Development offers local businesses a way to reach far past the boundaries of a small town in Texas. Whether the goal is to reach across town or across the country, social media posts and blogs can be a beneficial part of an effective marketing strategy if they can keep the viewer coming back for more.