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The Importance of Forming Relationships with Great Customer Service

Your customers are key to your success – in more ways than one. Because it costs far less for you to retain a happy, engaged customer than to find new buyers, keeping your current buyers happy can help you grow your business in a hurry. The key to happy customers lies in building relationships. Connecting with them in multiple ways, engaging and fulfilling their needs allows you to forge a lasting relationship that pays off for your brand.

6 Reasons to Build Relationships with Stellar Customer Service

You’ll boost your existing base: Your happy customers love you and return again and again – but they also tell others about their experiences. Referrals and references from happy customers are some of the best credentials you can have. Go the extra mile and your happy customers become ambassadors for your brand.

Lower marketing costs: When a customer already knows and trusts your brand and has already received stellar service, they are easily converted. The marketing funnel is far shorter, and introducing new products to a friendly audience ensures you get a great response.

Gain an edge: If you sell a product or service that is similar to your competitors’, your customer service and the personal attention you and your team provide can differentiate you from the crowd and ensure that you stand out, even in a busy marketplace.

Increased feedback: You’ll be better able to get feedback on what your target prospects love and what simply doesn’t resonate with them. Customers who have a great relationship with you are more willing to assist and share their feelings about your products and services. This valuable data can help guide you as you plan new campaigns, research new products or develop new services.

Non-digital communication sells: In an increasingly digital world, the ability to connect with someone face to face is a huge differentiator and can provide you with an edge over competitors who may not be so close or willing to engage. If you have a local brand, then becoming part of your community, forging relationships, and getting to know the individuals who frequent your brand or shop gives you some distinct relationship building advantages. When it is time to make a decision, most prospects will turn to the brand they know best – you.

Position your brand as an expert: When you seek to educate, inform, and delight your prospective clients and customers, you forge a relationship long before they reach a decision-making process. If you know you can turn to your local bike shop for news, a look at the latest models, and advice, you’ll naturally turn to them when it is time to upgrade. This relationship building and positioning pays off in a variety of fields; engage first and you’ll have a customer eventually, even if they don’t buy right away.

Engaging and building relationships makes you more aware of the people you serve, their needs and wants and even what motivates them to buy. When you take the time to forge relationships and provide outstanding service, you reap the rewards long after your initial interaction is complete.

If you’d like to learn more about how to offer good customer service, come to the Lunch and Learn training provided through partnership of the Cedar Hill Tourism Department, the Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce, and the Texas Friendly Hospitality Program, on April 24. The Texas Friendly Hospitality Program creates an environment that fosters best practices in customer service. Instructors are certified through Texas A&M’s Agrilife Extension Service to help you cultivate your business’ customer service skills, empower employees and demonstrate the latest techniques for building and retaining loyal customers that lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM CDT

Visit for more information.