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Historic Downtown Cedar Hill Business

Hitch Your Wagon to Something Unique. Be a Game Changer.

Cedar Hill's long-standing history of development began when first founded by a small group of pioneers back in 1846. These trailblazers were drawn to its natural beauty and high elevations, which provided settlers a panoramic lookout and protection from intruders. The dense forests, rich Blackland soil, abundant creeks, and streams, brought opportunity. This once rugged territory has been growing and thriving today through hard work, ingenuity, foresight and sheer determination, from past to present.  

1846: A Significant Year in Dallas-Ellis County History

The downtown grid brings back experiences of yesteryear with historic sites along its streets but moreover provides a sound place to invest. Just like our forefathers, today's community leaders continue leading Cedar Hill's bright future through strong planning and most of all heart. Citizens and business owners have been lock and step into the planning and those entering the market now are reaping good benefit from its opportunities. 

From food to shopping, to learning and exercise, Cedar Hill's downtown has an activity for everyone to enjoy. Today, over 40 businesses call Historic Downtown Cedar Hill home, and some exciting ventures are hitchin' wagon onto the exciting progress ahead.

Novel Plans Ahead for Historic Downtown Cedar Hill

Our team has been planning for your visit for a long time. Come fall in love with Cedar Hill as many else do.  Shh, don't tell 'em I told you!