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Houston Street Outfitters Brings Unique Style to City of Cedar Hill, TX

Date Published
Apr 12, 2019
Business, Community Involvement

Get to Know the City of Cedar Hill’s Houston Street Outfitters

City of Cedar Hill TX Houston Street OutfittersHouston Street Outfitters is a name that even casual Cedar Hill visitors will recognize; this eclectic and charming boutique has been a popular and thriving spot since 2003 in Cedar Hill’s Historic Downtown. Current owner Gina Douglas was a longtime patron before taking over the shop two years ago, and her love of music and art is clearly visible in the brand’s eclectic and appealing mix of merchandise.

She’s kept the original feel and aesthetic of this downtown hotspot and built on it, incorporating accessories and jewelry that highlight the brand’s funky Boho style. By creating a space that is packed with unique and attention-getting items, Douglas has created a destination for those who love fashion, want something a little out of the ordinary and love forging their own individual style.

“I came out of 18 years of retirement to do this, so it was kind of a little dream of mine,” Douglas said.

The City of Cedar Hill has one of the best downtowns in Texas, and Houston Street Outfitters benefits from the variety of foot traffic that comes to explore the thriving Downtown Cedar Hill area each day. By offering a wide range of price points and a stylish, hand-picked blend of merchandise, the brand appeals to a wide range of shoppers and visitors. With an eclectic and appealing mix of merchandise, Houston Street Outfitters does a superb job of attracting the attention of the many pedestrians who pass by on the way to work, heading home or on the way to one of Cedar Hill’s popular restaurants.

boutiques in cedar hill tx“It’s just a good feel,” Douglas said. “I like this whole concept down here where you can walk everywhere, you can ride your bikes. It’s just quaint.”

Cedar Hill’s Historic Downtown layout is ideal for boutique shops like Houston Street Outfitters. Consumers live in the area, work in the area and stay in the area, enjoying dining, shopping and attractions. It is not unusual for customers to stop in after hiking in Dallas, grabbing a slice at the nearby pizza or simply enjoying a walk along the main drag. The brand has built a strong bond and sense of community with locals and visitors -- making it a "don't miss" destination for many Historic Downtown visitors.

Houston Street Outfitters has an appealing and welcoming storefront that hints at the treasures found within; while this pulls consumers already visiting the area in, the brand's emphasis on community building helps as well. According to Douglas, many customers are repeat visitors, looking for something fresh and new; once they are done shopping, they often go on to patronize several other Cedar Hill businesses as well.

“Cedar Hill kind of has this vibe to it where they’re trying to create an atmosphere where you can shop local, work local,” Douglas said. “And it kind of gives the area – you want to know everybody. You want to know the people that you work around. You want to know the people that you live around.”

By treating customers like guests and friends, this charming boutique in Cedar Hill has also become a destination for some shoppers. Houston Street Outfitters’ welcoming feel and exciting blend of merchandise leave the brand well positioned as the Historic Downtown Cedar Hill area continues to catch on with an ever-growing group of visitors and shoppers.

“I think this area’s going to boom, and that’s what I like about it,” Douglas said. “I’m excited to actually be a part of that.”